Another fun cure for bad days, celebrating 12 000 views (!!) on my other one (x). This one has better quality, but due to the large amount of different clips, I still had to lower the fps rate, so it’s not perfect. But hopefully it’s good enough to make you smile :D

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"Who has meant the most to you?"
"It’s a little cheesy, but I have to say my brother."

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Sonja, you’ve no idea what have you done

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lillebror med midtrebror

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bards-butt said: ASFDJLSLDKHJ

we’re gonna meet on a spn sign or sthing and we’ll touch Jared’s hair. we just will.

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ylvisfaen said: OH OH OHHH lemmesqeeze

do not even dare to tell me that it was surprising or i’ll hit you

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Bård the sass master

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hoosonja said: Hugs! Hungary would be in my itinerary too :)

come to visit me then! :D

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Your top 5 people in the fandom you want to meet irl?

well, it’s hard because i would like to meet all of you in real life as well. :) but if i really have to choose (not in particular order): bards-butt, shandydann, dievollnerdin, hoosonja and ylvisfaen of course. <3 :)

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pawsinsnow replied to your post “hipbones”


Sweet paws, who else do we know that tortures me about hipbones?

We all know you do, ylvisgirly tortures me with Morten Harket!

Anyway, who else takes such care to show me all the lovely hipbones and torture me with the fact that I will never get to stroke them lightly and make the owners of said hipbones whimper as my questing fingers travel along them?

i miss you too ;)

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OK, this particular set makes me kinda see what you two rave on about the hipbones. Mmmm!

Oh Sonja, just check out the hipbones tag on my blog, there are LOTS of hipbones.

and 90% of them is from me

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This is a tumblr hug! Pass it on to ten of your favorite people. If you break the chain nothing bad happens, but I hope it made your day a little brighter!

oooh you’re such a cutiepie. :))) *hugs*

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Congrats, you won Andy’s favorite blogger! Here’s a little award thing, which you can do whatever you want with! Crop it, resize it, change color if you want to put it on your blog, or just keep it as a little token! It’s yours! :D

wooooh. *hugs*

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i dunno about you but he had already won me with the long hair and subble... but i thought it wouldn't be enough for you so... ;) 38(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/7a00229e30663552034dcb712d060227/tumblr_n94637Tuyy1sk2lgjo8_500(.)gif



um jjiowefiosvmnksdkldv,

I’ll try that one more time.

Gosh that is a very lovely set of hipbones and I would love to explore them further.

Possibly with some salty caramel icecream and him tied up on a bed moaning as I tease him.

Satisfied my sweet paws?

oh honey there are still some tasty ones where this came from ;)

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dievollnerdin replied to your post “i was tagged by some cute honeycups: dievollnerdin, ylvisfaen and…”

Peter Dinklage … would not be the worst date I ever had, just saying xD

haha, i love him, soo… he’s really cool. :D i just said that i’m not tall enough to choose ‘not-the-taller’ men

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