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Psh. Bård is worried about a baby sinkholes. Where I come from, our sinkholes eat cars. 


Psh. Bård is worried about a sinkhole sinkholes. Where I come from, our babies eat cars.

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pawsinsnow replied to your post: pawsinsnow replied to your post:pawsin…

IS THAT A TULIP.?!?!?!!?

they’re fake but yeh tulips are my fav


fake flowers. wait. what? why?!

awh. i fucking love tulips. x’3 the real ones… Oo.

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"what do you mEAN norway isn’t a hobby"

fuckingylvis (via jakobschoeyenandersen)

he has right, Jana. it’s not a hobby. it’s much more. (via pawsinsnow)

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wow I was tagged by Janamana fuckingylvis. ♥

i won’t start this game again so i just gonna answer the questions.

HAKUNA MATATA!!! what a wonderful phrase.!!
Hakuna Matata! Ain’t no passin’ craaaaze….

It means no worries for the rest of your saaay
It’s our problem-free philosophyyyy.


(tbh, it’s much better in Hungarian. :$)

Hakuna Matata.? :D haha nei. this one.

awhh. you’ll hate me but i’d trade my German for Norwegian… :$

Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 car. ♥ (with Vettel. huhuhuh)
I love the Toyota Corolla, btw. :) it’s quite easy to drive as well. :) I’ve only a stupid Suzuki and i haate it so… haha

i have eczema on the top of my head and on my arms.



terrible. thank you.! ♥ i’m sick as hell…

PIRATES.!! yohooo.!


David Tennant.

chicken with prune aaand cheese with apple.

don’t hate me but i’ve never watched it.

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main blog

(kinda self promotion)

I’ve got a tons of new followers (jeehjj. ♥ takk.!) who maybe don’t know about it but since this is a fanblog, I follow back only ylvis realted blogs. (there are other criterions but doesn’t matter now)

so please follow my main blog as well. http://marionett-macska.tumblr.com

(mostly random stuffs, hannibal, game of thrones, american horror story, etc.:))

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Imagine your icon in a corset.


wait what? why?

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This is so fucking hot 😍😍

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Why do I have this cap?

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jakobschoeyenandersen nei stahp it.!



cmon theres two posts in the tag two TWO ZWEI


okay you know what…?! you can keep him. he’ll be my best friend.
i’ll take Jakob. :3

look at my url, i AM jakob :3c

look at my tags, honey bunch. :3

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